I’m a UK-based digital marketing and social media guy. I work full-time as a Product Marketing Specialist at Human Made, a top tier WordPress agency (and VIP partner) that provides development and consultancy for big name clients worldwide and creates awesome products online – Happytables and WP Remote being two examples.

In addition to my daily job, I’m a musician. A bass guitar player, to be precise. I’ve done several recordings and live shows (I’ve been playing music since 1999) and I consider working with Two Naked Oceans the highest point of my music career.

I love reading, writing, experimenting, learning new things (these days it’s HTML, CSS and PHP), food, rugby and TV series.

Whilst working keeps me super busy these days, I’m always on the lookout for new collaborations.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. If we are in the same markets we should definitely be connected. I’m also on other social networks of course: in most cases, if I’m there, you’ll find me by typing in either FVgroove or simply franzvitulli after the / in the URL bar.