I’m Franz, great to have you here! I’m a multicultural and multidisciplinary product manager & growth specialist, half-full glass kinda person, in deep love the digital space and all the good things it makes possible.

I like technology, openness, sharing the knowledge, reading, writing, wandering around, and I’m constantly looking for new things to learn.

When I’m not in front of my laptop, I’m probably playing one of my bass guitars, rolling on a Brazilian jiu-jitsu mat, or enjoying a strong double espresso.

Selected projects

A few things I’ve worked on:

Human Made, 2013-2019: most of the stuff built for clients at Human Made is approached with a product perspective. Features, prioritisation, documentation, research, analysis and much more, on the many internal and external tools built over the years.
Happytables, 2013-2017: a website builder for restaurants. In its good days, the perfect solution for moms & pops establishments trying to be successful online. Content, partnerships, social media, user support, and the rest of the product marketing & management game.
WP Remote, 2013-2014: WordPress plugin to update your WP sites in bulk. Did just some work on its user guides, but still feel attached to it.
Italian WordPress Slack workspace, 2015-today: A Slack group I built to give the Italian WP community a virtual place to organise events and manage all the WP things, from support forums to translations.
Franz Drinks, 2017-today: A website that I’ve built for myself, on drinks (not necessarily alcoholic) and travels. It also features a collection of my writings on how to build a pretty legit home bar, in case you needed some inspiration.
Labuonativu.com, 2011-2012: An Italian speaking news site about the television industry I built during the last semester at Uni. It got some traction for its uniqueness—whilst most TV-related sites would cover everything, mine was focused only on high-quality TV content.

Where to find me next

🎟 Attending ProductTank March – The Black Mirror edition
📅 27 March 2019
📍Conway Hall

🎟 Speaking at WordCamp London 2019
📅 5-7 April 2019
📍London Metropolitan University
🎙 Talk: Inside a Product Manager’s Toolbox

🎟 Attending ProductCamp London 2019
📅 13 April 2019
📍etc.venues Marble Arch