5 awesome Instagram accounts to follow

If you follow me on the web, you know I’m a huge fan of Instagram.

I was a bit disappointed when they started stealing every possible feature from Snapchat, but I’ve kept using it on a daily basis, just like millions of other people. Uploading my own photos, liking/commenting other Instagram users, and messing around with Stories.

Here are 5 Instagram accounts I’m loving these days.

Harvard Map Collection

It’s an incredible collection of old and modern maps, atlases and data, posting very interesting stuff every day. A must for every history / geography aficionado out there.


I often joke with my friends about me totally failing at adulting. The struggles, feelings and ideas Chaz draws on those post-it notes convinced me I’m not alone.

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What I ate for breakfast

Emily posts the most delicious, luxurious and perfectly assembled breakfasts of the entire Instagram ecosystem. Every single day. It’ll make you avoid launching Instagram when you’re hungry (or forcing you to run towards the closest source of eggs and bacon). H/T: Jenny!

Riccardo Masini Fotoscritture

His feed is full of incredible shots he takes in Rome, where he lives.


Ok, I might be a bit biased here, because it’s a Scotch whisky that has had a solid place in my heart for some time, but their Instagram account is pure gold. They make an excellent job at narrating the life on the island of Islay, where they are based.

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