7 things that improved my life in 2014

2014 has been a remarkable year to me. I’ve done things I had never done before, been to places where I hadn’t been before and set new goals for the future. What else can I ask for?

Here’s a short list of things that made my 2014 stellar.

A whole new way to think food. I’ve started 2014 with a drastic resolution about my eating habits: no more processed food, no more refined carbs (white bread, white pasta, white rice and pizza), cut down on sugar and eat more protein and fiber-rich foods. To be honest, I’ve been super meticulous only in the first half of the year, but the results have been amazing.

Going to the gym. I’ve joined my local gym in February. I got rid of the belly fat pretty soon (cardio and the new diet helped a lot), but that’s not the point. It’s incredible to see your body improving and doing things that wasn’t able to do before. Losing weight and getting muscles are just two nice side effects.

Becoming a morning person. These days I rarely wake up after 6 AM. Now that I work in a coworking space I have to, otherwise I couldn’t be at my desk at 8 AM. But I’ve actually started when I was still working from home, just to experiment on myself. Many people say you’re more productive if you start your day at 6 instead of at 9, but I’m not sure it’s true (are you more productive because it’s true or because you’ve read it?).

Coding. I’ve started experimenting with HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. I’m still a beginner, but getting better here is one of my resolutions for 2015.

Netflix and Spotify. Twenty years ago I used to record movies and tv shows on VHS and purchase CDs if I had enough money. Now I have everything I want with less than ten cups of coffee per month. Isn’t that amazing?

WeWork South Bank London view
WeWork South Bank view from 8th floor

Working from a coworking space. This hasn’t really improved my life, but it’s making me see things that I wasn’t seeing from my home office, mostly how the life of the commuters is and how other people like me work. It’s an experience I highly recommend, whether you’re a freelance or a distributed team member.

Growing a beard. Which doesn’t really mean just letting it grow. You have to take care of it, wash it and oil it on a daily basis. It’s a metaphor for so many things you go through in life.

What made your 2014 memorable?

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