I’m a Product Manager based in the United Kingdom. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you want to know what I’m up to these days, see my /now page.

I work at The Bot Platform, where we empower people to build a better employee experience by building bots and virtual assistants for Workplace from Meta and Microsoft Teams. Our bots automate internal processes and content delivery, boost productivity, save staff time, and drive company culture—without writing a line of code.

Previously, I’ve worked at the Oxford University Press as Product Manager in the Oxford Languages division (f.k.a. Oxford Dictionaries). During my time at the OUP, I’ve managed the monolingual data products and the Oxford Dictionaries API.

Before that, I’ve worked at Human Made—award-winning, global WordPress agency and leading provider of digital experience platforms for enterprise—from 2013 to early 2019, joining as one of their first non-engineering hires. I helped them build products for big media, publishing, and enterprise-level clients, grow their business, and shape their culture over five and a half years, from 12 employees all the way to a team of around 70—that was pretty much the number of humans when I left.

I’m Pragmatic Certified (PMC-III) and have a Master’s degree in Linguistics.

WordPress & Open Source

I’ve been using WordPress since 2007. WordPress is such an important part of who I am—not just as a content producer, but as someone who strongly believes in the importance of bringing publishing to everyone.

WordPress is free, and it’s built and maintained by thousands of community volunteers. People who use or work with WordPress, and invest their time to give something back to the project, according to their skills and areas of interest. Over time I’ve contributed back to the project in any way I’ve been able to, mostly community-related, i.e. mentoring new speakers or organising WordCamp London 2018.

I’m also part of the Italian WordPress community, which I contributed to re-build in 2015—WCEU in Seville was the real turning point, and right before I had co-founded the Italian WordPress Slack workspace.

Public Speaking

I love sharing what I know at conferences and meetups. I’ve spoken at pretty big events (i.e. WordCamp Europe), as well as niche meetups with just a few people listening.

I normally speak about a wide range of topics, including Product, working remotely, writing, productivity, and career-related. Check my talks on Speaker Deck (slides) and WordPress.tv (videos).

Here’s a map of events I’ve spoken at:

More about me

  • I’m a bass guitar player.
  • I practice a grappling-based martial art called Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
  • I like making drinks, for me and others. I’ve got a blog about drinks and travel, and someone said I make the best Negroni in the world.
  • I like independent media and high-quality, fact-checked content.
  • I like writing. Sometimes content, sometimes music.
  • I’m a minimalist—or at least I try to.
  • I love travelling and experiencing cultures.
  • I have a deep interest in languages.
  • I love watching TV series, movies, sports, stand-up comedy, and stuff from good YouTube channels.