How do you say “gin” in Latin?

Pótio iunípera. Literally junipery potion. I’ve always been fascinated by how languages add new words to their lexicon. If you are as well, here’s a couple of links you may want to check out. This article on the Guardian, written by Andy Bodle, lists the 13 fundamental mechanisms of word creation, from derivation—the most common—to […]

My writing workflow at WordCamp Bristol 2017

Hey everyone, I’m super excited to announce that I’ll speak at WordCamp Bristol! In my session I’ll basically explain my writing workflow. I think it’s very important to have a clear and well defined writing routine to release content (whether blog posts or internal reports etc.) without reinventing the wheel every time, and my talk […]

My first tattoo: the design, getting inked, and other thoughts.

It finally happened. After several years of toying with the idea, I got my first tattoo. The design Six years ago I asked Freakettona—a talented designer and friend of mine—to create a business card for me. Not that I couldn’t just put together a basic one myself with Microsoft Word or whatever, I was just […]

Why “follow your passion” is the worst career advice

I’d like to start this blog post with a quote that you’ve probably read somewhere on the Internet: Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Often attributed to Confucius (which doesn’t really convince me—was “career choice” a thing in Confucius’s China?), this statement spread throughout a fairly wide range […]

The product mindset at WordCamp Torino 2017

I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the next WordCamp Torino! I’m speaking (in Italian) about my mindset as a product person. In a nutshell, I’ll share with attendees how I apply my identity as a product person to everything I do. Saturday 8 April 2017, in the beautiful Toolbox Coworking, starting at […]

Remote Work & Digital Nomadism: My interview on Merita Podcast

I’ve recently had the pleasure to be interviewed on one of my favourite podcasts, Merita. Giorgio Minguzzi, the host, is a true professional when it comes to using the Internet to grow a business, so I think you’ll enjoy the conversation—as long as you understand Italian. We chatted about remote work and digital nomadism, particularly […]

Another type of digital nomad: the independent musician

There’s no shortage of content about the digital nomad movement out there. But the vast majority of blog posts focuses entirely on people who can afford to travel light, according to the one-size-fits-all claim that “you only need a laptop and an Internet connection to get stuff done.” I’ve been following Janek Gwizdala for years. […]

Mute tab: a relatively unknown Google Chrome feature

Some months ago I stumbled upon one of those “The [prime number] Google Chrome features you should know.” It was a good list, but I threw in an extra one in the comment section that received a lot of praises: Mute tab. When you open one of those sites that have background music or an autoplaying […]

“The Last Jedi” is plural, and some linguistics-related explanations.

Some weeks ago Disney / Lucasfilm announced the name of Star Wars ep. VIII: The Last Jedi. The Internet went immediately bananas: Is Luke the last Jedi? After all, The Force Awakens’s opening crawl seemed to confirm that. But what if the word Jedi, in the title, was plural? There’s no Jedis in Star Wars, Jedi is both singular and plural. […]

Sonny Bill Williams is an incredible guy

I’ve just stumbled upon this article on Sonny Bill Williams loaning US$380k to a friend. Apparently with no contracts or paperwork, just a handshake. Wow! During 2016 Summer Olympics I had a great time putting together a guest post about SBW—one of my favourite sportsman of all time—on the Daily Pinner, the blog of my wife Stef Mattana. Find it below. […]