Another type of digital nomad: the independent musician

There’s no shortage of content about the digital nomad movement out there. But the vast majority of blog posts focuses entirely on people who can afford to travel light, according to the one-size-fits-all claim that “you only need a laptop and an Internet connection to get stuff done.”

I’ve been following Janek Gwizdala for years. He’s not just a terrific bass player: he runs a successful membership site for bass guitar lessons, vlogs pretty much every day, uses social media probably better than most pros. He definitely qualifies as digital nomad. as he never stops to manage his business while touring the world. Performance after performance, flight after flight.

Janek can’t travel with just a carry on. Bass guitars, amps, pedalboards, they’re all heavy, expensive pieces of equipment he must bring with him.

In these three episodes from his vlog Janek discussed about traveling with his bass guitars. Tips & recommendations from one of the leading figures in the independent music industry. Enjoy!

The logic behind a pedalboard

Although this is not a space I normally use to talk about my music activities, I’m really happy to share with you people something I’m deeply passionate about: gear for musicians.

I started to play music in 1999, and since then I’ve chatted about music with countless people, including—obviously—many non musicians. If there’s one thing they don’t fully realise, it’s how sophisticated it can get when a guitar player puts together the necessary equipment to create their own sound.

This article goes in that direction, and focuses on what’s probably the most puzzling component of it all: the pedalboard. Continue reading “The logic behind a pedalboard”