How I keep a consistent workout schedule

I’ve been asked recently how I keep up with my workout schedule. I’m not even remotely a professional athlete, but I’m serious about what I do with my body. And as my life is full of personal and professional commitments, if I want to work out consistently I need a process. Here’s mine. You need […]

Cultivating jiu-jitsu (or any other passion) away from the action.

Six weeks. Six weeks away from the mats. This is what I was given yesterday by the doctor who performed the follow-up visit to my shoulder, which dislocated during a Brazilian jiu-jitsu sparring session last week. We sportspeople know very well how agonising it is to stay away from our favourite activity, but I strongly […]

Sonny Bill Williams is an incredible guy

I’ve just stumbled upon this article on Sonny Bill Williams loaning US$380k to a friend. Apparently with no contracts or paperwork, just a handshake. Wow! During 2016 Summer Olympics I had a great time putting together a guest post about SBW—one of my favourite sportsman of all time—on the Daily Pinner, the blog of my wife Stef Mattana. Find it below. […]