Last week has been dark and unproductive. I had reached a point where I was feeling lost, burnt out.

Yesterday I’ve pinpointed the main reason behind it, I think. Change. I like change, I love experimenting with new things, but recently I’ve probably stretched a tad too much. In just a couple of months:


New flat, with an office space that I didn’t have before. So from now on, the living room is truly a living room.


Downshifted a little bit. First time out of a capital city in the last 13 years!


Obvious consequence of moving to another town. The gym I’m going to now is full of new equipment and fancy machines I’m still getting familiar with, and it’s much busier than the one I used to go to, therefore I can’t just show up whenever I want. (Well actually… I can, as it’s a 24h gym. I just can’t go whenever and expect to have the whole gym for me!)

Job at HM

Got back into Product full time, which is awesome.


From 11″ alone to 13″ + monitor. Still working out how to get the most out the touch bar, but I don’t think I’m alone here.

I’ll update my equipment post soon, or maybe post a new one, yeah let’s post a new one.


I got a magnificent Fender Precision American Standard:

It’s one of the last on the market as the Am Std line is being replaced by the American Professional (as if it wasn’t professional enough… kind of the Apple-isation of Fender, if you ask me). It’s my first P bass after a while, it’s definitely the best P bass I’ve ever owned, and it’s expanding my playing possibilities even more than expected—put flatwound strings on it, and hello Pino Palladino-esque bass lines.

Add the #BTdrama to it all, which I complained exhaustively about on Twitter. First tweet here:

Add also a new leader for the Free World, which is actively working to replace the word Free with something much more obscure.

It’s all exciting stuff (#BTdrama and DT aren’t, but let’s move on), most importantly it’s all stuff that wouldn’t have bothered me if it had happened more gradually. I probably just haven’t been able to process it in such a short span of time.

The very relaxing weekend that I just had was all I needed. Batteries are fully charged now, and I’m ready to dive into new things from today.

Never forget to prioritise yourself and your health. It is true that we only live once, but that’s not a good reason to overload yourself with too many changes at once.

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