Mute tab: a relatively unknown Google Chrome feature

Some months ago I stumbled upon one of those “The [prime number] Google Chrome features you should know.” It was a good list, but I¬†threw in an extra one in the comment section that received a lot of praises: Mute tab.

When you open one of those sites that have background music or an autoplaying video, Chrome makes you identify the noisy tab immediately thanks to a nice audio indicator:

Chrome Tab Audio Indicator

So instead of muting the whole machine, looking for the pause button in the page, or maybe closing the tab altogether, you can just right click on the tab and select Mute Tab.

Right click menu on Chrome Tab that has the Mute Tab option

From the reactions I got when I posted that comment, it seemed clear to me that not many people were aware of this feature. Did you know about it already?

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  1. You can also pre-emptively mute a tab using the same feature. I’ve found myself doing that in the past.

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