What I’m doing now

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page suggestion and his Now Now Now movement. The purpose of this page is to share my current focus. If you have your own site, you should make one, too.

New job: PM @ The Bot Platform

I’m now a Product Manager at The Bot Platform. Two weeks in and I love it—the company culture seems very much in line with my values, the people are amazing and have been super welcoming so far, and the product has incredible potential. I’ve had tons of fun familiarising with the platform.

Back at working from home full time

It’s been more than a year since I’ve started working from home again. The Oxford University Press was office-based, but with the COVID-19 emergency we had obviously been recommended that we worked from home until further advised. The Bot Platform was a remote company even before it was mandated in 2020.

It’s a new office anyway.

Stef and I have bought a house. Coincidentally, we’ve only finished the move from the old flat during the week off between the old and the new job, so I’ve started working for the TBP in a completely new home office space.


She’s amazing. She’s almost one and a half years old now, and she’s an absolute savage—she runs, rolls, crawls, climbs, and can’t stop being busy with something. Every day it’s a new trick, a new sound, a new skill, and it’s so fascinating to observe.

Noice 🙂

Incredibly late to the party—I’ve been marathon-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine over the last few days. How on earth had I missed it for so long?!

Last updated: 28 March 2021.