How do you say “gin” in Latin?

Pótio iunípera. Literally junipery potion.

I’ve always been fascinated by how languages add new words to their lexicon. If you are as well, here’s a couple of links you may want to check out.

This article on the Guardian, written by Andy Bodle, lists the 13 fundamental mechanisms of word creation, from derivation—the most common—to portmanteaus.

This post by James Harbeck focuses on how Lakota, a language of the Sioux family, spoken in North and South Dakota by only a few thousands speakers, fills its vocabulary gaps.

Oh, how do I know how to say “gin” in Latin? Years ago the Vatican City published a huge list of Latin neologisms. It’s in Italian, but if you install a browser extension that adds a dictionary (i.e. Google Dictionary) you will be able to double click the Italian word and see its English equivalent.

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