On Leaving Human Made

I have to admit it, I struggled a bit to think of the right words to write here. After a fantastic adventure with Human Made that kicked off on July 2013 with Happytables, and took me all the way to working on the various solutions we’ve been building for clients, today is my last day at Human Made.

This last lustrum meant a lot to me, and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the smartest and brightest people I’ve ever met. Whilst I passionately love the whole concept of remote work, I wish I had spent more time together in the same place with them—maybe that’s what made the six retreats, one team meetup, and several trips and co-working sessions I had with many of them so special.

The Human Made team, Petritoli (Italy), 2017.

I’ve made some wonderful friends at Human Made, and many memories that I will cherish forever. The laughs, the hugs, the deepest and most interesting conversations, until the replies that I received when I announced my farewell internally—it was amazing to see how many things they remember about me, the time we met each other for the first time, or the time we did whatever it is that we did together.

Goodbyes aren’t easy, but they’re necessary when you want to fully open yourself to new hellos, so there’s that.

Thank you Human Made.

What’s next?

In case you were wondering—there is no announcement here. For the time being, there is no gig lined up.

Product as a discipline is my bread and butter, so that’s where I’m planning to stay. I’ll obviously keep a particularly focused eye on the intersection between product management and WordPress.

And while I look forward to put all the things I’ve learned over the years to good use wherever the next step of my journey is going to take place…

Can I help you?

Now’s the time to get in touch with me. If you want to pick my brain about your product, your ideas, your processes, remote work, your next talk or anything else before I land my next gig, or if you’re interested to be my next gig, drop me a line at hello@ this domain and let’s talk!

How we do things at Human Made: The Human Made Handbook

Saying your goal is to prioritise people is easy. Doing it, a whole different beast.

People-first companies grow in number and like talking about themselves on the interwebs, but most workplaces around the world are still just workplaces—you put in your hours, get stuff done, and that’s it. As a result, resources on how to do things at companies that care about their employees are still limited.

At Human Made we live, work, and breathe in the open source culture. Restricting open source to just software? We’re not game. That’s why we’re releasing our staff Handbook: a constantly work-in-progress document where to find everything about working at Human Made, including work-related guidance and HR policies.

You are free to reuse it and apply its core concepts to your team. Please don’t assume it’s 100% fit for your own purpose: consult a HR professional to ensure it meets your cultural, operational, even legal requirements.

So here we go, without further ado…

The Human Made Handbook