Out of Office 2017 is today, have you signed up?

We’re doing it again. After last year’s successful edition, we decided to put together another Out of Office event.

Click the image ? to know more and sign up

What is Out of Office, exactly?

It’s a conference about all the things related to remote work. This year we’re having speakers from GitHub, Forbes, Zapier and other big guns of the Internet, touching on a fairly wide array of topics—from remote project management to culture, growth and team building.

It is ONLINE, so you will be able to watch it from any device as long as it benefits from an Internet connection. Wherever you are—co-working space, home office, living room, you name it.

It is FREE, so you won’t pay a dime for it. You only need to sign up and wait for today 4pm UK time. There’s still time.

It is INTERACTIVE, so you’ll be able to ask questions, upvote other people’s questions—Reddit style—and get answers from both our speakers and Human Made folks.

Cool! On social media?

We’re on Twitter and will be live tweeting the event with highlights from our speakers and other details. Make sure you follow us, even—and I dare say, especially—if for some reason you can’t watch the event live.

Want to tweet about the event? Awesome! Please use the hashtag #outofoffice17 so all the conversations will be gathered under one stream.

We look forward to see you!

Remote Work & Digital Nomadism: My interview on Merita Podcast

I’ve recently had the pleasure to be interviewed on one of my favourite podcasts, Merita. Giorgio Minguzzi, the host, is a true professional when it comes to using the Internet to grow a business, so I think you’ll enjoy the conversation—as long as you understand Italian.

We chatted about remote work and digital nomadism, particularly focusing on the challenges and dark sides typically connected to them.

Listen here ⬇️, or on iTunes. If you speak Italian and are on the lookout for great growth and marketing advice I’d recommend you subscribe to the podcast.

Out of Office, our online event about remote work, is today. Are you joining us?

You’ve probably been there: someone says “I work remotely” and you think they’re all about posting pictures of their laptop next to a macchiato in a hip coffee shop, working from a beach, or—worst case scenario—preaching about some obscure, passive—of course—way to earn the income that unlocks the chance to live that lifestyle.

Whilst that’s not necessarily old news, there’s so much more to remote work: think about productivity, growth, dealing with stress, or onboarding. Curious about how distributed companies, remote freelancers, but even the office worker who occasionally works at home deal with those? Good, because they’re all topics that will be discussed at Out of Office, today, at 4PM UTC.

Out of Office is live streaming online and it’s free

Yep, that’s right. You’ll be able to watch it at your own desk, on your couch (just cast the relevant Chrome tab to your tv if you use a Chromecast), wherever you want.

Reserve your spot now, go to the event page when it’s 4PM UTC, boom, done. Now it’s all about learning and asking questions to our speakers.

Talks & Q&A’s

We’re hosting a pretty nice group of speakers, coming from some of the most influential companies when we’re talking culture and flexibility: if you’re thinking about Basecamp, Toptal, Buffer, yes, we’ve got them all.

Here’s the full schedule:

16:00 – Opening remarks

16:15 – Toptal bootcamp: onboarding with impact, by Jennifer Weinmann (People Operations at Toptal)

17:00 – Productivity, by Rodolphe Dutel (Operations at Buffer)

17:45 – Values of a humane remotee culture: empathy, trust & inclusiveness, by Dino Anderson (Operational Development Consultant)

18:30 – Live Interview with Jason Fried (CEO and co-founder at Basecamp)

19:15 – Dealing with stress in remote teams, by Tom Willmot (CEO and co-founder at Human Made)

20:00 – Closing Remarks

At Human Made we’ve been working hard to put together a strong, BS-free event that will teach you a lot of interesting stuff about something we truly care about. Come watch it and you’ll appreciate.

Join now, there’s still time!

So, want to watch Out of Office? Awesome.

Reserve your spot HERE. Do it now, there are more than 1,000 people who already opted in.

Read more here, and tell your friends on social media you’re joining us. The more the merrier, you know?

My talk at the Surf Office meetup in London

I’ve recently spoken at the Surf Office meetup in London.

Surf Office is one of the most famous remote working-related experiments out there: it’s a place that combines workspace, accommodation and surf, with currently three locations (Gran Canaria, California, Lisbon). If you’re one of those human beings that can work from anywhere, or if your startup is looking for a nice spot where to host a retreat/hackathon, you should definitely check it out and get in touch with them.

This guest post I’ve written for their blog summarises the main points of the talk, and expands on some questions I’ve received afterwards.

And here’s the slide deck. I’m quite proud of the design, with the same font combo of the Sofia deck but richer in visual elements (pictures and colours). Unfortunately, looks like Speaker Deck made it a lot darker than it was originally.

It’s WordCamp Europe time, again!

Less than one week and I will be in Sofia, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. I know, you too are thinking Bulgaria! That’s quite an unusual destination isn’t that? like all my friends did. In all fairness it is, but if anything the unusualness only adds extra excitement and enthusiasm.

Why am I going to Sofia?

Let’s take a step back. As I work in a distributed team, I don’t share an office with my work buddies. Our normal place of work is our place of choosing: coffee shop, library, airport, home, hotel, Airbnb apartment, coworking space, you name it, a Human is working or has worked there. I work from home, but I surely don’t dislike the occasional trip to central London. Sitting in a Costa or a Starbucks coffee shop, having a cup of Earl Grey tea and doing my job with the pleasant ambient sound of a cafe. I mean, someone also developed an app for that, there must be some real good in it.

It goes without saying that every time the Human Made family get the chance to hang out everyone is pretty excited – especially when the expression hangout has nothing to do with the well known video chat platform developed by the folks at Google.

The first time I personally met the other Humans was in Amsterdam, four of five days before the 2013 WordCamp Europe that took place in the beautiful Dutch town of Leiden. Things have changed since then: I was still finishing my marketing internship, now I am a full-time member of the gang. Something that makes me feel fortunate to say the very least.

This year, the organising team for WordCamp Europe accepted Sofia’s bid. And just as last year we are combining the WordCamp experience with one of our retreats.

We are going to enjoy several activities during those days, notably the unofficial WordCamp walking tour of Sofia organised by Rhys Wynne, the Paintball Battle of Nations (I won’t take part as I think I’d be the only member of the Azzurri team), the Human Made & SiteGround bar hopping and, during the retreat, the flash talk night. At the last winter retreat in Trysil, Norway, I made a Keynote presentation about getting proficient with playing basic bass lines in just a couple of weeks. What am I going to talk about this time? Haven’t decided on it yet, expect an update somewhat soon.

It’ll be my fourth WordCamp (after Leiden, London and Oslo), third Human Made retreat, second WordCamp Europe and first time in Bulgaria. Also the first WordCamp since I started taking online coding classes – some of the most tech talks might start to make some sort of sense to me, wow.

Looking forward!
2014 WordCamp Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria

There are so many reasons why I can’t wait to jump on that plane and fly to Sofia. First, WordCamps are amazing. The WordPress community is amazing. Second, experiencing once again the proof that a great company culture is possible. Third, getting familiar with Bulgaria’s tech scene. I’ve heard nice things of it.

You’ll be around at the WordCamp and want to connect? Awesome. If your job is anything like mine (marketing / support side of things for SaaS, web apps built on WordPress, etc.), even better. Ping me on Twitter (@franzvitulli) or leave a comment here.