It’s my birthday today, and I’m fully into my late 30s now. As always, because my birthday is on the 1st of November and this means that 10 out of the 12 months of the year are in the rear-view mirror, on this day I like to sit down and write some personal reflections.

On a personal level, I’m happy to report this 2022 has been very much “business as usual” so far. In 2019 I became a father, between 2020 and 21 we bought a house in the midst of that whole situation, and for at least a full year after moving to the new home I didn’t want any big change to happen.

Vinnie is becoming an amazing person, with a huge personality and linguistic skills that astonish me every single day—she’s fully bilingual and it amazes me every single time how she switches from Italian to English based on the person she talks to. She still mixes the two languages up a fair amount, but she turned 3 two days ago, there’s plenty of time to improve.

Work-wise, I’m enjoying working at The Bot Platform very much. Some faces have changed over the past few months but the culture is always the same.

I’ve recently attended two live shows—Marillion and The Australian Pink Floyd—the first two after the pandemic. Not going to lie, there have been moments when I thought that live music wasn’t going to survive. Happy to share I was very, very wrong. I’m also living yet another Pink Floyd hyperfixation which means that today I walked to my local music store and left with a Stratocaster, my first electric guitar in ages.

It’s also been very refreshing to having resumed some form of travelling—this year so far I’ve visited Milan again, which is one of my favourite cities in the world (although people love to hate it), Sardinia after a few years, and had a wonderful time in French Riviera and Monte Carlo.

Life is good. I know I say this every year but I’d really love to resume writing here a bit more frequently… let’s see what we can do between the end of 2022 and next year.

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