Another trip around the sun is done, and what a ride this has been. In the last 12 months I’ve managed, with my amazing better half Stef alongside me—to turn quite a few things around.

While the pandemic isn’t over yet, we can say it seems like we made it through the worst. Our daughter is happy and healthy—and what a tornado she is! We bought a house, so she has her own room, and I have a lawn to take care of. I’ve got a new job, and I’m much happier now.

My personal goals this year are to keep bonding with Vinnie now that she’s starting to speak, reincorporate jiu-jitsu, music, and travelling into my life, and perhaps whip up some weekend project or low-effort side hustle—it’s been a while since the last time I created something that isn’t work-related. You can see this year I haven’t even been able to blog much around here, and that’s definitely something I want to change.

All in all what I’m feeling most often these days is gratitude, so I want to say thank you to every person I’ve spent time with, communicated with, met or seen for the first time, or just interacted with—even briefly.

The cake in the featured image is from my amazing colleagues at The Bot Platform. 😍

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