Selected Work

Here’s a few things I’ve done so far:

The Bot Platform

Product Manager, 2021–today

I’m the PM of a product team of 5 at The Bot Platform, managing our ISO 27001-certified platform that empowers people to build a better employee experience by building bots and digital assistants on Workplace from Meta and Microsoft Teams. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, national governments, banks, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication companies, luxury brands, retailers, hospitality chains, and recently included among the fastest growing scale ups in the UK.

Oxford Languages data products

Product Manager, 2019–2021

As a product manager at Oxford Languages I’ve overseen the roadmap for monolingual lexical data products, including a number of rich and structured dictionary datasets that you’ll find built-in in a number of product you likely use (e.g. Google search; iOS and macOS devices; Amazon Kindle); comprehensive and customisable wordlists; and semantic, interlinked lexical databases. Oxford’s data are used in a variety of applications throughout all types of industries—from simple dictionary lookups to training data for ML, NLP, MT, AI platforms, mobile word games, and support for text generation and augmented writing.

Screenshot of the Oxford Dictionaries API home page

Oxford Dictionaries API

Product Manager, 2019–2021

Managed the Oxford Dictionaries API—a flexible API that provides reliable, up-to-date monolingual and bilingual JSON data in an accessible, scalable environment, very useful for word lookup, wordgame development, and AI/ML integrations. Featuring 30+ languages by the time I left the company, including a variety of languages that are under-represented online.

Human Made

Product Manager, 2013–2019

Most of the stuff built for clients at Human Made is approached with a product perspective. Features, prioritisation, documentation, research, analysis and much more, on the many internal and external tools built over the years.


Product Marketing Specialist, 2013–2017

A website builder for restaurants, empowering moms & pops establishments with a powerful platform to be successful online and compete against chains. Content, partnerships, social media, user support, and the rest of the product marketing & management game.

WordCamp London

Organiser, Communication Lead, 2018

One of the biggest WordPress conference in Europe. Led communication for the event (team of 4) to build awareness in the lead up, resulting in a massively successful event—tickets all sold, sponsors slot all sold, more volunteer applications then actual spots, high quality talks, etc.

Out of Office

Marketing, 2016-2017

A virtual conference on remote work, organised with a bunch of humans. Mainly marketing & comms-related tasks. Talks from both editions are available on YouTube—2016, 2017.

Italian WordPress Slack workspace

Founder, 2015–today

A Slack workspace I kicked off with my friend Francesco Di Candia to give the Italian WordPress community a virtual place to manage all the WordPress things, from meetup to support forums and translations. Today it has more than 1500 members and has been instrumental to many online and offline events.

WP Remote

Product Marketing Specialist, 2013

WordPress plugin to update your WP sites in bulk. Did just some work on its user guides during my first retreat with the Human Made folks, but still feel attached to it.

Franz Drinks

Founder, Editor-in-chief, 2017–today

A website that I’ve built for myself, on drinks (not necessarily alcoholic) and travels. It also features a collection of my writings on how to build a pretty legit home bar, in case you needed some inspiration.

Founder, Editor-in-chief, 2011–2012

An Italian speaking news site about the television industry I built during the last semester at Uni. It got some traction for its uniqueness—whilst most TV-related sites would cover everything, mine was focused only on high-quality TV content.